Royce Young is an NBA writer for ESPN. Before we go any further please take a moment to read his story.

It’s easily one of the most powerful posts I’ve read all year.

When I finished it the first time I stared at the screen for a few seconds. Or maybe it was minutes. Once the emotion settled over me, the questions came. What would we, my wife and I, have done had doctors told us the same news? Would we have handled it with such grace? Could we have been as tough and brave?

If you’ve read the initial post on this blog then you know that my wife and I experienced a very difficult and complicated first pregnancy. You’ll remember at one point we were notified that there was a chance our baby would not make it. A chance. Not a certainty. And that’s the difference between our stories. We still had hope and that hope carried us through all the way to the end, when Baby Girl came into the world healthy and happy.

Although as I think about it, maybe in a way the Young family holds some hope too. It’s a different kind of hope, though.

It’s the hope that their loss will indeed be another’s gain.

It’s the hope that their darkest moment will provide light for some other family.

It’s the hope that out of Eva’s inevitable future at least one more child may receive a future.

It’s the ultimate unselfish kind of hope. And it says more about them than any written word.

So to Royce I write this message from one father to another – my prayers are with you, Keri and Harrison. You are all TOUGH. You are all BRAVE. And if nothing else, your family’s selflessness is an inspiration.

Thank you for sharing.

Copyright 2017 Damien Alameda. All Rights Reserved.


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