And now, an S.D.I.T. Original.

Mr. Green Frog

Mr. Green Frog

Sat on a log

Way down by the bog.

Just Mr. Green Frog.

He ate a small fly,

That he snatched from the sky.

A lonely green frog

Eating flies on a log.


Mr. Green Frog

Ate the fly on the log

When up strolled a dog

Who sat next to the frog.

The frog caught a fly

And said, “You wanna try?”

The frog and the dog

Ate flies by the bog.


Mr. Green Frog

And his new friend the dog

Ate flies on the log

When up strolled a hog.

The hog said, “Yum,

“May I try some?”

The frog, dog, and hog

Ate flies on the log.


Mr. Green Frog,

The dog and the hog

Ate flies on the log

When up rose a fog.

The hog said, “Whoa!

“Where’d you all go?”

The frog, dog and hog

Disappeared in the fog.


Mr. Green Frog

Called out to the hog,

“Still sitting on the log

With our friend, the dog.”

A drop of rain dripped in his eye.

He glanced towards the sky.

“Uh-oh,” said the frog

to the hog and the dog.


Mr. Green Frog,

The dog and the hog

Sat still on the log

As rain filled the bog.

Above, there came a flash

Followed by a giant splash.

Mr. Green Frog

Looked down in the bog.


Mr. Green Frog

Remained on the log

With his friend the hog

But not the dog.

The dog splashed around

Trying to get to solid ground

He paddled through the bog

Back over to the log.


Mr. Green Frog

And the fly-eating hog

Pulled up the dog

Back on to the log.

Dog said, “Thanks, guys.”

Then he caught some more flies.

Dog gave one to the hog

And to Mr. Green Frog.


Mr. Green Frog

Sat on the log

With his new friend the hog

And his other friend, the dog.

The rain went away.

Back came the light of day.

They all smiled on the log

Eating flies by the bog.

This has been an S.D.I.T. Original Production.

Copyright 2017 Damien Alameda. All Rights Reserved.


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